What do I need to be aware of when using hotel software?

Would you like to make your everyday life as a host easier and are you looking for a suitable software solution for your business? Then you’ve probably already figured out what your new hotel software needs to be able to do. When comparing hotel software providers, the range of functions and the price structure are of course two particularly important factors.

But there are even more things to consider that you may not be aware of at first. Our checklist “What do I need to look out for when using hotel software?” shows you many important points to consider before making an investment and helps you decide on your future booking program.

Checklist: a comparison of perfect rental software

Complete solution or partial solution?

Does the software offer you so many functions that you can use it as an independent solution for your rental? Or do you have to operate a separate system for each sub-area – such as room administration, reporting or channel management?

All-You-Can-Use or costs per function?

A software usually has different functions and can do more than just one thing. But can you also use all the functions you need for the daily processes of your rental without restrictions? Or do you have to pay extra or more for single modules?

Everytime & everywhere or only at the office?

What do you do when you are not at the office and want to keep an eye on your current bookings? Can you use your software anywhere and via any device – including a tablet or smartphone? Or are you strictly bound to your workplace and can only access the permanently installed program via a computer?

Avoid double bookings or take risks?

Does your room plan communicate with booking platforms such as Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb & Co? Does the software reliably compare your availability in real time? Or do you have to operate the individual applications manually and constantly hope that there will be no overlaps or even double bookings?

Adjusted price or lump sum?

Is the price you pay for the booking program calculated on the basis of the size of your business and thus exactly adapted to your individual needs? Or do you pay a uniform flat rate regardless of the number of rooms you have?

Support or going alone?

What about set up and training? Are you accompanied by the new software during your first steps, do you receive introductory training, free video tutorials and ongoing support or are you on your own?

Enough of the software comparison? Our solution: JULIA

If you can’t answer the questions above clearly, you might want to think again about searching and selecting a hotel software. Stop comparing hundreds of hotel software products. Better take 3 minutes and get to know JULIA – already 5,000 hosts benefit from JULIA as a web-based total solution for rental.

The term “total solution” already suggests it: JULIA combines numerous functions that are available to its users without restriction. From online bookability to your own website with automatic quotation, from a modern room plan to channel management, automated guest communication in up to seven languages, electronic reporting, invoicing and much more.

JULIA‘s price is calculated per room per month based on the size of the business. To make sure that each host pays a fair price for what he receives.

You would like to get to know JULIA?

See for yourself how easy it is to digitize your rental. Just send a short message to sales@easybooking.eu and we will be happy to contact you with further information. Let’s get started together!