The bell rings, the first students come in and rummage in their bags for their pens and notepads. Soon afterwards they look up surprised at the blackboard. Who do they see there? Well JULIA!

Whether in Zillertal tourism schools, the vocational training school for tourism and trade in Landeck, or tourism schools Salzburg – our JULIA is a regular guest in the classroom. Of course, she does not tour alone through Austria’s schools – she is accompanied by tourism expert and easybooking CMO Lisa Kiesewetter.

Training the next generation

The coming generation of digital natives will make future decisions in tourism. That is why it is important to familiarize them with the peculiarities of eTourism from an early stage.

For many years now we have provided educational facilities access to our JULIA, free of charge, for training purposes. In addition, we accompany the young tourism experts over several hours of lessons, share practical information from experience, and participate in discussions and learning experiences with the tourism students.

  • How is tourism changing as a result of digitization?
  • What challenges will we encounter in the future?
  • How is the booking behavior of our guests developing?
  • How important are eCommerce solutions in tourism?

The students are curious – after all, they know that they will be the ones who will deal with these questions in the future. Even though we cannot say with 100% certainty where the journey is going, we can discuss and develop solutions together with them.

JULIA, finally try it yourself

Many of the students know the processes of booking holidays from their own parents. So some people already know who JULIA is, what she can do, and how they can best benefit from it as an accommodation provider.

Others, through our classroom sessions, have their first contact with online bookability and automated guest communication. Many of them, for the first time, can try their hand at processing offers, bookings and invoices in a digital room plan. For these students, it’s usually a special AHA moment when they realize how easy centralized management of bookings and guest information can be!

Posting bookings, invoicing, managing guest data – playfully the students discover the advantages of our JULIA in class.

Youth trends as valuable feedback

We also benefit from the long-standing cooperation with educational institutions: it not only gives us pleasure to see how naturally the next generation familiarizes themselves with software solutions. Through conversation, we receive valuable input from students on current trends such as the use of apps or social media within their age group. All this we can incorporate into our developments – so that future solutions are indeed adapted to the needs of all tourism service providers.

Continuing education for experienced hosts

In addition to teaching in tourism schools, easybooking also offer similar services through further education facilities for experienced landlords, such as the educational service offered to the Swiss company RITZY, or the private landlord associations in Austria.

We are also regularly part of these educational programs and teach landlords how to optimize their day-to-day operations, work in a guest-oriented manner and communicate quickly and easily. Our goal is to build the bridge between guests, tourism organizations, hosts and all of the service providers in tourism.

JULIA for your lessons?

Do you want JULIA in the classroom of your school? Then please contact us at – we look forward to cooperating with you!