easybooking connects: Airbnb now available

“Sharing instead of owning” – the trendy basic idea of ​​the so-called “Shareconomy” increasingly influences the local tourism and occasionally justifies the worldwide establishment of the platform Airbnb. Not surprising that more and more hosts ask for connection possibilities of their booking software.

But Airbnb has very high quality standards: only a few providers have the ability to establish a direct interface with the platform every quarter – assuming the highest security and testing standards are met.

JULIA with bidirectional interface to Airbnb

For easybooking customers, there is now reason to celebrate: thanks to intensive and extremely good cooperation, a bidirectional interface to Airbnb is now available.

While most competitors continue to use the iCal calendar format to communicate availabilities to Airbnb, JULIA is one of the first Austrian hotel programs to connect Airbnb as a direct booking channel.

easybookings Deskline Channel Manager connected to the web client

Whether JULIA or Deskline Channel Manager in the feratel web client – the direct connection means special comfort for easybooking customers: the availabilities are maintained centrally in a familiar environment, seamlessly transmitted to Airbnb and real-time bookings are transferred to the room plan in real-time.

Hosts can activate the channel independently and completely free of costs.

Set up the Channel & get started

You work with JULIA and do already have an account on Airbnb? Then you can start right away! The connection to Airbnb is already created in the Channel Manager and you can now set up your channel.

>>> It’s that easy: set up Airbnb Channel.

If you are not yet an Airbnb customer, then please contact Airbnb directly for registration.

Click here for the announcement video.