GDPR/DSGVO regulates email flood

Although the General Data Protection Regulation is likely to rank high as the most often received email subject of 2018, it also has its good sides: for example, it has been introduced in part to help regulate the flood of emails and newsletters we all receive in our mailboxes. Thanks to the GDPR, many of us have consciously dealt with our email newsletter subscriptions and have had our email address removed from several distribution lists. The result: a slightly less crowded mailbox, which should provide some relief!

Short communication paths are on the rise

With the huge growth in use of social networks over the last 15 years, new methods of communication have developed in parallel to email traffic. Mobile apps for smartphones and messenger services have become very popular, and today our lives are dominated by digital technologies.

Whether using WhatsApp or Snapchat in our private life, Skype or Hipchat in our work or professional environment, Dropbox as a cloud storage application, or Apple’s Wallet as a mobile payment app – communication and transactions happen at any time and at any place: fast, simple, everywhere!

Mobile travel assistants

Even during your most happy time of the year, there are a variety of apps that have been designed to accompany travellers on their holidays. From digital travel guides and destination and event apps, to Apple’s wallet for managing various documents – these can all inform you quickly and easily.

But how can travelers not only receive information, but also send information and save time and resources? There are several areas where apps can assist, without you having to search, print out and carry along accounting documents, directions and invoices spread across the thousands of emails in your mailbox?

We also asked ourselves these questions, and our answer is:

SARA, the digital travel companion

As a guest app, which is available free of charge, SARA manages all travel documents, accompanies holidaymakers with information about their stay, and automates communications between the guest and their accommodation provider with just a few swipes and taps.

An overview of the most important features:

  • Reservation confirmation: Stored and ready to hand
  • Easily share travel documents with fellow travellers
  • Online Check-In: ​Provide the required registration information and save time on arrival
  • Direct contact details for the booked accommodation
  • Directions and integrated route planning
  • ETA: Advising of the scheduled arrival time with just 1 tap
  • Countdown to the start of the journey
  • Local weather Information
  • Room details and facilities for the booked accommodation

Directly after booking with an easybooking accommodation provider, guests receive a download link to conveniently download the SARA app onto their smartphone. For iOS users, it is also possible to manually enter and manage bookings made with non-easybooking accommodation providers using SARA.

SARA is available for Android and iOS for free:
Download SARA now on your smartphone and manage your bookings on your mobile!

Why should you provide SARA for your guests? See for yourself: