To be a host and a mother are two full-time jobs at the same time. It’s not surprising, if he – or rather she – wants to have more time. To be honest, we all have given flowers, jewellery and chocolate quite often enough as a present for Mother’s Day. So let’s try something new!

Time as a present – JULIA on Mother’s Day

  • Time for yourself – because JULIA takes care of guest requests around the clock
  • Time for family – because JULIA manages bookings & reservations in the room plan
  • Time for friends – because JULIA communicates with guests and creates bills
  • Time for guests – because JULIA manages booking platforms in real time

Special present for special mothers

You want to say “thank you”? Do something good for your mother? Be supportive in her daily tasks of renting? Then we are happy to assist you!

Contact us at and we will personally inform you about JULIA as a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

PS: As a special gift, we surprise you and your mother with something very special! 😉