As part of our blog series, employees of easybooking, which has offices in three European locations, provide insights into their work.

Marco Pignatelli has been a valued member of the easybooking family for the last 18 months. Marco is currently undergoing training as a media designer and is working in web design &technical customer support at easybooking.

Marco Pignatelli is responsible for web design and technical customer support at easybooking.

Marco, thank you for sharing some information about your work at easybooking. As a relatively young person, growing up with technology all around, has it always been your desire to work for a software company?

Before my time at easybooking, I worked as a cook for one and a half years, but it quickly became clear to me that I would rather work in the technical field. I did not know that it would be a software company. Funnily, I became aware of easybooking through a classic print advert in the newspaper, and it was clear from the job interview that it was just the thing for me!

It was definitely a good decision that you came to us! What does your workday look like? What are your duties and tasks on a normal day?

My main area of ​​responsibility is for looking after our customer websites: from the design to the content creation and completion, i.e. the initial content of the websites before they go live online. This includes the integration of Google Analytics: if desired, we provide customers with access to the Google Analytics tool, which allows them to view key figures such as visit duration, bounce rate or similar to monitor the performance of their website. I also take care of the technical customer support: I train customers by phone or in person on the maintenance of their web pages, and support them to independently manage text, images and designs. In addition, I am currently working on the design of the new JULIA and am constantly expanding my knowledge of the programming languages ​​typescript, php and javascript. If you want to offer the customer good support, it is important to understand the background programming of the websites and templates from the ground up!

I’ve never seen you angry – what do you enjoy most about doing your job? Is there something that really excites you about working for easybooking?

I just like to work on the computer because nobody annoys me. Which is a big difference to my job as a cook. One thing that I enjoy about my work now is that I can manage my own time and set my own priorities based on the needs of the customers. I also enjoy that I have the chance to “train myself”, and this is important to keep up with the technologies that we are working with here! The relaxed atmosphere in our team is also important for me: we work in threes and each of us is always up for some fun!

You have learned from being a beginner to expert knowledge in a short time – where would you like this to go in the future?

I am particularly interested in the programming languages ​​that I still want to learn. But I am also interested in the current standards in the fields of website and GUI design, and search engine optimization. So I really want to learn everything about how to make the optimal website!

I can imagine that it is not always easy to combine work and training. How do you structure yourself?

That’s true! Once a week I’m in the vocational school, which is definitely a different learning rhythm than the on the job learning that happens every day in the office. But it is also a nice change. For the school I learn at the weekend. At work there is enough to do every day. If it is very urgent, I can do something for the vocational school in the office, which is good to know.

And finally we want to smile a bit. Tell us: what was the funniest experience since starting with easybooking?

There is not really a special experience that I have consciously remembered. Except that a slightly older customer once called for assistance and they did not know what a browser is, or how to get into the internet. Which was not a good start to what we were looking to achieve – but we got there by the end of the call. Of course, as a young person we take these things for granted nowadays, so you have to smile. But actually it is these many little things that spread a good mood in the offices everyday – there are always funny situations and good jokes in our team!

Thanks for the insight Marco, and here’s to continued success and fun in your work!

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