As part of our ongoing blog series, easybooking employees provide some insights into their work. Theresa Wählisch has been with easybooking since February 2017 and looks after the easybooking partner program with her utmost effort. Theresa currently looks after 90 easybooking partners in this role, with more coming onboard each month.

Responsible for the easybooking partner program: Theresa Wählisch.

Theresa, thank you for giving us some insight into your work at easybooking. What are your responsibilities with the easybooking partner program, and what does a typical workday look like?

One of my main tasks is the supervision of our partners. At the moment there are around 90 web designers, advertising agencies and consultants who are enthusiastic about our booking tools and integrate them on the websites of our common tourism customers. They receive support in the areas of online bookability, the required programming codes and additional functionality.

In addition, I am the first point of contact for companies and individuals who want to work more closely with us, and this includes enrollment and regular consultations on-site. So there is no typical working day as such, each day will vary depending on how many fresh enquiries come in, and what has already been planned.

You already know many web designers through your role. What do you think makes a successful web designer?

That they looks beyond their own part of the design process, so not only successfully implements their own project, but they also wants to help their customers to succeed and turn their websites into the right sales tools. For this it is necessary that the website not only brings visitors, but also provides a strong conversion, i.e. bookings. Today, guests place particular value on individuality: they want to determine when, from where and how they book – as simply, quickly and directly as possible. In the holiday hotel industry, a large part of the turnover is generated through enquiries, therefore the fastest possible answering of incoming enquiries plays an important role. These requirements should be considered and met by web designers – and that’s where we come in with our booking tools!

What do you find is particularly important to partners in working with easybooking?

Web designers also give small hotels and private landlords a face on the Internet through text and images, thus digitizing the whole operation. So we are pursuing the same goal! In addition, advertising agencies and consultants usually have a good understanding of software solutions and know that apart from our JULIA there is no solution on the market that is tailored as well to the needs of the accommodation provider.

Often, web designers are also the first point of contact for hosts when it comes to “anything with the internet.” We offer our customers extensive training opportunities, either in person or through webinars, and of course this service idea is another plus. In addition, our partners appreciate the personal attention. We are available for contact in many ways, and our team is in regular communication with partners.

Finally, we want to smile a bit. Tell us: what surprises have you experienced in partner service?

Web designers can work anywhere, meaning I occasionally end up in obscure places during my appointments. Once I had a meeting in the Zillertal, and had to drive up the mountain for over half an hour! There I stood in front of a quaint wooden hut and was greeted not only by the web designer, but al14so by his ten cats, who were bustling through the office. That was a funny sight! But these adventures also have a lot of good: in the rural areas, the web designers know all the accommodation providers within a radius of 15km and so many hosts who have been looking for a system like JULIA for a long time. The partners are happy if the websites they are designing for customers bring not only visitors but also generates bookings!

Thanks for the insight Theresa, and we wish you continued success and fun in your work!

Do you want to help your customers generate more sales with our booking tools? Then feel free to contact us at – Theresa looks forward to seeing you!